Yoga philosophy

by Lin

If you are a keen yoga practitioner, then I strongly advise you to read the yoga sutras. The affirmations are powerful tools for transforming your practice.

Before Head balance

Firstly refine and understand the links from your shoulder balance. Always practice with a lift under the shoulders, and become aware of the strong connections within the ribs and shoulder blades. Get a good lift and become light in the pose. Practice until you can hold it for 8 to 10 minutes.

The yoga ‘tonic’

Yoga is just that! It works its magic to energise and to reboot the system. Tried and tested over thousands of years, yoga unlocks unwanted tensions, toxins and emotional baggage. The recipe for success? Find a good teacher, practice at the same time daily, and treat your practise as important as cleaning your teeth.


Regular yoga practice changes how one thinks. Building strength and flexibility encourages mental stability and discipline in all areas of your life.

Yoga and sports

Practice yoga to gain optimum performance. With most sporting activities, there are repetitive actions of movement. The memory of specific muscle groups are vulnerable from continuous contraction, and the fibres can become short and resistant to lengthening. A budging muscle is equal to a traffic jam – no flow! Inhibiting the movement of joints will eventually increase the risk of injury.

Yoga Props

Clear instruction and clarity of movement is the unique element of Iyengar yoga. Attention to detail not only directs the body, but awakens new sensations. When using props, they become the guru – learn from them, and use them to help teach depth of practice.

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Following 4 operations on my left knee after a serious injury playing football, it was found that my left leg was now shorter than my right leg. As a result, normal walking movement twisted my hips and resulted in constant lower back pain. I had to wear an insert in my left shoe with a 9mm platform to rectify the situation.

Within 6 months of taking up Iyengar Yoga my insert platform was reduced to 3mm. With a continual improvement, it is likely that at some point in the future I will not have to wear an insert at all.

Mark Newman

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