Yoga for stress relief

by Lin

Today, stress has become an integral part of the modern lifestyle; with an increase of pressure at work and at home, it is little surprise to reveal the results from a recent survey conducted by RELORA (management of anxiety, stress and panic attacks). It is estimated that as many as 14 million people in the U.K suffer from stress.

Restoring balance
Stress related illnesses can interrupt the body’s balance; an overload on the nervous system leaves many people feeling stripped of vitality. In search for a remedy, Yoga has all the components which help with many physical and mental conditions alongside reducing anxiety and muscular tension. With regular practice people experience positive results.

Cleansing the mind and body
Dating back thousands of years yoga is associated with the purification and cleansing of the body, removing the toxins which build up in the body and are thought to lead to poor health and disease. Ayurvedic medicine complements yoga practice and offers a complete healthcare system which looks at diet, exercise and herbs to improve mental and emotional health.

The benefits of yoga

Yoga (meaning union) combines mind, body and breath. It is recognised today as not only an art but a perfect science which includes all aspects of one's being. With regular practice students report better strength and flexibility, improved sleeping habits and experience an all round sense of good health.

Having instruction and advice on how we stand not only encourages correct posture but brings an awareness which unfolds the body to help with general aches and pains, improving the circulatory and the respiratory systems, leaving you better prepared to fight off modern day diseases.

Why Iyengar yoga?

One of the most respected methods in the world today is Iyengar yoga. Considered unique for its approach it focuses on the correct precision and alignment of the body. Mr Iyengar, at the age of 91, still has input into the training of his teachers, who spend many years working to rigorously high standards to ensure their own practice and teaching ability meet the exacting requirements of the Iyengar method.

Yoga is ageless
Yoga can be practised at any age and stage of life and unlike other forms of exercise, yoga works by directing the muscle fibres to lengthen and therefore support the bones. The limbs have an integral part to play creating stability and protection to all the major joints in the body.

Self development
Yoga offers a unique package of self development Iyengar yoga in particular has a fresh and safe approach, enabling students to reach their full potential, physically, mentally and spiritually. Mr Iyengar’s unrelenting emphasis on precision and anatomical alignment has brought an exciting and explorative approach to yoga in the West. With the help of props (bolsters, blankets and belts) it means all students are able to progress safely, overcoming limitations.

Top Athletes all have commented on how yoga can help them focus and eliminate stresses, keeping focus and improved performance.

Yoga in the workplace
Through increased awareness in the West, we find companies are now recognizing the enormous benefits of yoga and the subject in general and viewing it as an essential tool in the workplace to the point that many businesses sponsor yoga courses to encourage creativity, along with happier and healthier staff.

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I have practised Hatha yoga on and off for about 12 years (more off than on normally!) and have attended about 6 different classes in various places with but have never enjoyed the yoga as much as i am now. I feel very at ease in the class. Lin creates a lovely atmosphere where no-one feels inhibited (in previous classes i have felt pressure to get it right by very serious and somewhat overbearing teachers!). Lin explains things very well and the demonstrations really help to see exactly what i should be doing.

Jo McAuley

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