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Welcome to our Yoga Blog

Welcome to Maidstone Yoga Centre’s new blog, that will feature articles covering all areas of yoga, written and by our own highly-experienced yoga teachers as well as other professionals.

My day with Gulnaaz Dashti

by Lin

Like most of my yoga friends at the Maidstone Yoga centre I got very excited when I saw that Gulnaaz Dashti was running a day of yoga at the centre.  Prompted by Lin, with one space left I rushed home...

Hyper-Mobility Syndrome and Nutrition

by Lin

HMS may have an impact on the workings of the digestive system and so it is not a huge leap of faith to assume that what, when and even how you eat can influence how well that system functions.  BUT...

New practice site coming soon

by Lin

MY YOGA TUTOR We are looking forward to offering this option to our members Our new practice site is simple and easy to use with clear and precise instructions, available to you anywhere. We look forward to keeping you updated...

Pune 2013

by Lin

June with its temperamental climate lends itself to being a quieter month at the institute. Geeta has come out of retirement whilst Abhi her niece is in the first stages of motherhood.  Guruji is still mantaining his daily practice at...

New Year Message

by Lin

So often I hear people telling me that life is just too hectic and the ‘to do list’ is at bursting point. And yet to top that, at this time of year we go all out to find that inner...

Following 4 operations on my left knee after a serious injury playing football, it was found that my left leg was now shorter than my right leg. As a result, normal walking movement twisted my hips and resulted in constant lower back pain. I had to wear an insert in my left shoe with a 9mm platform to rectify the situation.

Within 6 months of taking up Iyengar Yoga my insert platform was reduced to 3mm. With a continual improvement, it is likely that at some point in the future I will not have to wear an insert at all.

Mark Newman

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How our virtual site works

HOW IT WORKS PRE-RECORDED Log in and book a class from the timetable as you would normally do Just before class begins, go to the Dashboard section and under “Your Virtual Events” click...

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