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How our virtual site works

by Lin



  • Log in and book a class from the timetable as you would normally do
  • Just before class begins, go to the Dashboard section and under “Your Virtual Events” click on”Watch video”
  • You can do this at the time the class begins, but if you prefer, you can play the video later – The bonus of technology!


  • You have access to the class for 7 days – you can practice it every day for a week if you want    Other members of the household can join in too…


  • Log in and book a class from the timetable as you would normally do
  •  Have your mat around 10 feet (3 metres) away from your device if you can, its work taking a few minutes preparing your class area. Some students use tripods which seem to work well.
  •  10-15 minutes before class, log into your account on your laptop/tablet/mobile phone    Go to the Dashboard section and under “Your Virtual Events” click on “Join Class”
  • This will open a page on your browser; click on “Open”
  •  A page will open either telling you that you are “Waiting for the host to start this meeting” or that the host knows you are waiting and will admit you soon.
  • There is a button here which allows you to test your microphone on your device and you can also check out how you look while you are waiting, by clicking on the video button in Settings!
  • Put your microphone on Mute to cancel out background noise – the teacher will ask you to Unmute if she wants to ask you something


  •  You can select “Pin Video” to focus the video on the teacher rather than other students

INTERNET ISSUES (they do happen at times)

  • If your wi-fi becomes unstable, you should turn off your video camera
  • If you miss the start of the class or your internet connection drops, go through the entry procedure as before and the teacher will admit you to the class

Karen’s online classes are a sparkling light in my lockdown life.  Thanks to her warm, thoughtful, safe method of teaching, it feels very similar to being in a studio class and her extensive experience and knowledge of yoga really shines through.  The classes are extremely good value for money and are helping me to reconnect with my practice during a difficult time.


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