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Summer Camp 2019 Immersion course

Yoga immersion

Enrichment workshops

11:00 – 17:00


Week 1: Monday 5th August – Friday 9th August – Basic Principles. Introductory Syllabus

All three week are aimed to enrich and deepen students knowledge and awareness of yoga. Discovering the subtle aspects of practice and establishing an understanding of the eight limbs of yoga.

The Iyengar method, introductory syllabus – the basics principles. Ideal for students to build a good foundation for all syllabus’s. This course will go through step by step stages to help deepen the process of yoga.

Week 2: Monday 12th August – Thursday 15th August – The art of Teaching and adjusting. Introductory and Intermediate syllabus.

Covering different aspects of teaching observation and adjusting. Working from both introductory and Intermediate syllabus.

Week 3: Monday 19th – Friday 23rd August – Intermediate syllabus, core concepts

These workshops are aimed to discover the subtle aspects of practice, establishing a good understanding of the eight limbs of yoga and the importance of symmetry and alignment. Deep and challenging.

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Introducing My Yoga Tutor

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I absolutely love this yoga. It is hard work and some poses are challenging but extremely rewarding and by the end of the sessions I feel light and flexible and calm. It's very addictive and I find myself using the principles throughout my day. It has made me very conscious of my posture, especially at work where it is crucial I sit properly to prevent neck pain.

Sarah Sonley

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Basic principles

These workshops work with the subtle aspects of yoga, starting from a firm and grounded foundation – These workshops will cover the 8 limbs of yoga. Suitable for students with 6 months plus...

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