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Principles of yoga

These workshops work with the subtle aspects of yoga, starting from a firm and grounded foundation – These workshops will cover the 8 limbs of yoga. Suitable for students with 6 months plus experience


Date:  18th January
Time: 13:00-16:00
Price: £40.00

Date:  16th May
Time: 13:00-16:00
Price: £40.00

Date: 26th September
Time: 13:00-16:00
Price: £40.00

Do you look at the idealised yoga images online and in the media and think, “Yoga is not for me – I’m just not that flexible.”?

When you look at photographs of people in asanas (yoga poses), you will see that they are often demonstrating very impressive balancing poses, and the models are frequently young, strong and super-mobile; displaying amazing muscle definition. Although these images can be regarded as inspirational, for many people they can be rather dismaying. This is unfortunate as it can intimidate those who would most benefit from the health and mental wellbeing qualities that yoga provides.

Register with us now, and our teachers will show you how you can achieve similar openings in the body by practicing a more accessible pose or variation of the pose. If you keep up with a regular practice, even some of the seemingly impossible actions that you will see on Instagram may become feasible in time.

Iyengar yoga often uses props to make the poses and sequences accessible for you, regardless of your level of flexibility. The progression of each student is individual and structured and the highly-qualified teachers give simple, precise instructions.  If you are older or stiffer, you will find that your teacher will offer a more attainable version of the classic poses, which is ideal for those who are less athletic. Our teachers have spent many years helping “normal’ people gain the physical and psychological benefits that yoga brings.

Our new online booking system allows you to use @home options, which enable you to work from home using either a pre-recorded class from the Library or a LiveStream class. Alternatively, you could come to us for our @studio option, for a face to face class, live in the studio.

Register with us and book your Free Trial now!


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