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Mentorship Program – Starting January 2020

The process towards assessment and certification in Iyengar yoga, starts with a passion and love for the method, which may then progress towards a teaching certificate.

Establishing a commitment to regular practice, encourages a sense of positive change and personal growth.  However, whilst going deeper into the subject doesn’t have to involve certification, for those keen to become part of the Iyengar lineage, it is a journey which naturally combines a firm spiritual, philosophical and practical base.

Our mentoring program encourages students to take the subject of yoga in to their daily life.  To explore the benefits of self-study and be guided as an apprentice in all aspects of teaching, observation and demonstration.

Target Audience

You will need a clear commitment to Iyengar yoga combined with steady and regular home practice, followed by:

  • A minimum of 3 years’ study with a qualified Iyengar yoga teacher.
  • Attending weekly classes; one to be at an intermediate level and one class at the level at which you will be assessed, either as a student or assistant.
  • Attending deeper study days and intensives
  • Participation in organised practice groups (based at the centre).
  • A commitment of a minimum of 3 years as a mentoree.

Students working towards the introductory teaching certification are required to have been practising Iyengar Yoga regularly for a minimum of 6 years, before applying for assessment. Candidates should not only have achieved a high standard in his/her personal practice of the Introductory poses, but also have a general awareness of the subtlety of Iyengar yoga and its philosophy.

Encouragement and advice, regarding assessment applications, relies on a close relationship between the mentor and mentoree. However, the dedication of the practitioner is critical for the awareness and understanding of yoga.  Be prepared for a wonderful journey.


As part of the Mentorship program the weekends below are advised as on going enrichment program.

The Principles of yoga; These workshops work with the subtle aspects of yoga, starting from a firm and grounded foundation – These workshops will cover the 8 limbs of yoga. Suitable for students with 6 months plus experience and students on the mentoring program

Dates 2020

Time: 13:00-16:00
Price: £40.00

Date:  18th January
Date:  16th May
Date: 26th September

Intermediate workshops

These classes aim to take your yoga to the next level. Develop new possibilities from an established foundation of Iyengar yoga. Nurture new skills to harmonise, nourish and re-balance – An in-depth and subtle approach.

“Do not aim low, you will miss the mark. aim high and you will be on a threshold of bliss.” BKS Iyengar

Classes will be based the intermediate syllabi.

These sessions are suitable for students with 18 months plus experience and students on the mentoring program

Dates 2020

Time 13:00-17;00 (the class will be 2.5 hours with a  15 minute break then 1.15 hours)

Cost £45.00

March 14th
July 11th
November 21st

Syllabi workshops

The aim of these workshops is to integrate precision and alignment and to understand the subtle links between the introductory and intermediate syllabi.

Dates 2020
Cost £25.00

Meeting for students who are on the certification program.

January 19th
March 15th
May 17th
July 12th
September 27th
November 22nd

The Art of Teaching

These workshops are beneficial to teacher’s and trainees but also students who are keen to establish an in-depth understanding of asana. Suitable for students with at least 3 years practice experience. Topics to be listed soon.

Dates 2020

Time: 13:30 – 16:30
Cost £40.00

January 19th
March 15th
May 17th
July 12th
September 27th
November 22nd

Peer group meetings

Meeting are for students who are on the certification program.

Dates 2020

January 18th – 16:15 -16:45
March 14th – 17:15 -17:45
May 16th – 16:15 -16:45
July 11th – 17:15 -17:45
September 26th 16:15 -16:45
November 21st – 17:15 -17:45

Quite challenging but as time goes by you feel the benefits. Lin is a very good tutor explaining why we are doing a particular pose and what the body is doing whilst in the pose.

Jan Worthington

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