New Year Message

by Lin

So often I hear people telling me that life is just too hectic and the ‘to do list’ is at bursting point. And yet to top that, at this time of year we go all out to find that inner caring self – applying good will and energy beyond our capacity.  Sound Familiar?

The analogy of shaking a rug before sweeping and having to wait for all the dust particles to settle rings a bell – It’s good to stop! As most of us are aware, patience is an essential part of yoga practice and our daily lives.  Identify what is important and keep focused as finding that balance within takes a little effort.  For self-preservation, unity is key.

How to detach from what has been and what’s to be done takes time. Getting some headspace is about valuing your health and wellbeing; taking stock before passing go; re-charge without tapping into the reserves. The 3 ‘R’s Rest – Restore – Recuperate.

Yoga provides a whole philosophy to do exactly this, combining good physical and mental stability. It’s not all about how many poses you can perform but try to explore the subject it’s all there. Add “Light on Pranayama” and “The Yoga Sutra’s” to your reading list, and although the later may seem a bit heavy going, it’s worth tapping into.

Many of the verses refer to symptoms – For example Chapter 1 sutra 31

‘Duhkha-daurmanasyangamejayatva-svasa-prasvasa viksepa-saha-bhuvah’

“Symptoms of a distracted mind are pain, mental agitation, instability of the limbs and irregular, disturbed breathing patterns.”  In modern terms this verse can be likened to the most common energy drains -Stress and Anxiety.  Try to engage with yourself and become bodily aware; observe your posture and breathe.

In 2013 be ready to make a positive start by attending class regularly, which will give you the inspiration to start home practice.

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Since joining maidstone yoga centre this year, I have found a new dimension to my yoga practice. Learning precise technical postures and applying this to my home practice has been a real awakening! Taught by a teacher hard to come by, I feel very privilaged. Yoga is a dose of medicine to me. Having had cancer in the past, it has helped me achieve the unthinkable!


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