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Childrens 11+

Light-hearted classes suitable for children age 11+, helping to learn about their posture, and have an improved understanding of their body. It will encourage them to be more aware of their breath, and how the mind, breath and body work together.

To book see our guide below – Booking is managed from an adult account. Use our simple system.

  • Register online as an adult
  • Add a child to your account
  • Classes and payment can be booked from here

Our children’s class runs at the same time on Saturday mornings at the same time as  our Basic Adult class. 9:15-10:15

Introducing My Yoga Tutor

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I limped in to my first yoga class with Lin a week after my 60th birthday. I was very stiff and suffering fairly constant hip and knee pain and so feared that it was all downhill from here. I hoped yoga would help stop the rot, but I never imagined it would make such a difference.

At first I worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up as I was a good deal older than most of the students. However, I soon realized that Lin adapted each pose to the ability of the student. She has an uncanny ability to see when you are struggling and need help – or indeed when to push you if you are not actually realizing your potential.

Now, 6 years on, I am stronger and more supple than I have ever been and the slimmest I have been in over a decade – all while making new friends and having fun!

Donna Welch

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Basic principles

These workshops work with the subtle aspects of yoga, starting from a firm and grounded foundation – These workshops will cover the 8 limbs of yoga. Suitable for students with 6 months plus...

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