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About Maidstone Yoga Centre, Kent

The Maidstone Iyengar Yoga Centre has been created to provide a perfect environment to learn and enjoy the benefits of yoga on all levels and classes have evolved to offer an experience of both face to face classes @studio and virtual classes @home.

Situated conveniently in the heart of Maidstone in Kent, with good parking and public transport services, the centre has already established itself as an innovative and professional facility for students and teachers alike. Having been in Maidstone for a decade, in 2020 we moved to a more central location and now have two bright, fully equipped, spacious studios and a large reception area.

Administered by Senior Level 3 Teacher, Lin Craddock, the evolution of the Maidstone Iyengar Yoga Centre has been a natural progression, following years of experience and training. Back in 2010, Lin recognised that Kent needed a purpose built centre, which could provide a dedicated space for Iyengar Yoga. The development of the Centre and its expanding yoga community, has enabled her and the rest of the team, to further enhance their own skills, learning and knowledge.

Lin’s students range from the complete beginner to most experienced students, (including many teachers). And students come to Maidstone from all over the world due the reputation that has been built

up over the years. Lin has brought together a team of exceptional teachers, with over 100 years of teaching experience between them, and Maidstone offers a range of classes, which attract people from all backgrounds andabilities.

All teachers are trained to a rigorously high standard and are registered with the Iyengar Yoga Association (UK), ensuring that we maintain the purity and clarity of the subject. Becoming a qualified and registered teacher is a process which is exacting and demanding, but does not stop there. A journey of learning and practice is essential for any teacher who wishes to provide the best instruction and maintain the Iyengar Yoga Teachers Certificate.

Some years ago, following one of her many visits to India to attend classes at the Pune Institute, Lin contacted Guruji to explain how the centre was evolving and was delighted to receive a letter from BKS Iyengar offering his blessing and permission to use his name, allowing The Maidstone Yoga Centre to be an approved Iyengar Institute and also recognised as an Affiliated Centre by the IYA (UK).

We hope you will take the opportunity to join us in class. CLICK HERE to book your free trial.

Thank you so much for giving me the flexibility with how I book classes. I think the system is brilliant.

I have bought 10 classes and have booked them all in too. Really looking forward to being able to get to all of them!!!

Lorna Dallas Conte

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